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Munson Lab at BMES 2018!

The Munson Lab is excited to be presenting at BMES in Atlanta! Check out our posters and presentations in three tracks (Neural engineering, Imaging and Instrumentation, and Cancer Technologies):


Jenny Munson, PhD along with Shelly Peyton, PhD: 2D or not 2D: whether to culture MDAMB231 in the third dimension. Poster 631

Chase Cornelison, PhD: Interstitial flow stimulates glial cells to promote glioma invasion: Implications for glioma therapy. Podium presentation. 1:30 PM in Room A303.


Caleb Stine: Design of an adapter for high-throughput interrogation of multiple interstitial flow velocities. Poster 549.

Collaboration with Rebecca Pompano, PhD's lab, presented by her postdoc, Sangjo Shim, PhD: Microfluidic Device for Two-Way Tumor-Lymph Node Communication. Poster 534.


Jenny Munson, PhD: Use of MRI to measure and map interstitial fluid flow in the glioma microenvironment: correlation to anatomical and histological features. Podium presentation. 1:30 in Room A315.

Also, stop by the VT-WF booth to pick up some swag and talk to us about our graduate program. The Munson Lab is actively recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral research associates!

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