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Basic Research
Engineering approaches to study disease

Microenvironmental contributions to disease progression

How cancer turns our tissues against us.

How cancer interacts with the tissue around it is an emerging theme of cancer research. Each individual's cancer is unique and so are their healthy tissues. We create 3D in vitro models of cancer in which we can study the human tumor microenvironment and explore the contributions of cells and proteins to cancer malignancy and therapeutic response.


Team members:

Cora Esparza

Gabriela Mendes, PhD

Samantha Howerton

Savieay Esparza

Monet Roberts, Ph.D.

Sarah Kremer

Yamilet Macias-Orihuela

Fluid flow and transport through tissues

When convection and diffusion go bad.

The pressure in a tumor can be 10-100 times that in healthy tissue. This differential between the tumor and its surroundings creates fluid flow that drains through healthy tissue. These flows are responsible for a number of physiological changes to the tissue and can encourage cancer malignancy. By imaging, modeling, and understanding the mechanisms of interstitial flow we can better treat tumors.


Team members:

Cora Esparza

Caleb Stine, Ph.D.

Naciye Atay

Jessica Cunningham, Ph.D.

Aileen Suarez

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