Who we work with

Funding Sources

Our work is supported by the following:

Center for Engineered Health

Pilot award: Biophysical effects of radiation therapy 2019-2020

U01 Pompano PI

U01 for Lymph node chip with PI: Rebecca Pompano 2019-2024

NIA Supplement

S2R37CA222563 supplement on interstitial flow in Alzheimer's: 2019-2020

NCI Funding

R37CA222563 to Jennifer Munson: 2017-2022


Start-up award to Jennifer Munson: 2017-2020


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to Cora Esparza: 2019-2022


Biotechnology Training Program Grant to Alexandra Harris. Cancer Training Grant to Jessica Yuan and Matt Perez.


UVA American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant to Jennifer Munson: 2014-2015

WHCF Lgog Print_edited

Wallace H. Coulter Translational Research Award to Jennifer Munson (UVA): 2014-2016

UVA Cancer Center

UVa Cancer Center seed funding: 2014-2015

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The Munson Lab is affiliated with: