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Our research program aims to understand and harness the tumor microenvironment to study and treat triple negative breast cancer and glioblastoma. We design and use 3D tissue engineered models based on patients' cancers and validate our work in vivo. Our primary questions in cancer include the role of tissue drainage and the tumor stroma in cancer progression and therapeutic response. We collaborate extensively with the School of Medicine to make our research translational and applicable to patients with cancer.  

Breast cancer metastasis
Activated LEC Monolayer
Human breast carcinoma
Metastatic breast cancer
Skin Metastasis
Glioma (green) in the brain (red)
MRI sequence of glioma
Glioma (B) near white matter (Y)
Fibroblasts in 3D culture
Primary glioma spheroids in 3D
CT image of drainage to a lymph node
Lymphatics (purple) in breast cancer
Fluid flow and gradients from glioma
Breast carcinoma
Lymphatics in inflamed lymph node
Lymphatics (G) and chemokines (P)
Polarized glioma cell in 3D
CXCR4 receptors on glioma cell
Untreated and treated glioma
Lymphatics and matrix in cancer
Human GBM with pentachrome stain
Collagen fibers
Glioma and astrocytes with treatment
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