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Image by andrew jay

DIY Microfluidic Device


Microfluidics devices are used to move, mix, separate, or otherwise tinker with fluids. These types of devices can be extremely useful in the study of anything from batteries to biology. Using water color paper and crayons, you can make a paper microfluidic device that can bring about discussions from hydrophobic barriers and capillary action to fluid mixture and fluid flow.  



Age: 1-8th Grade


Water color paper, crayons, plastic eye droppers, hot plate. 

  1. Grab some water color paper. 

  2. Draw one of the shapes provided or any box letter or shape.

  3. Hand to volunteer/teacher to place paper on warmer.

  4. Get two droppers full of two different color liquid.

  5. Add drops within the shape of the different colors.

  6. Watch and see!

PDF of instructions here with pictures.

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