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Play-Doh Brain Tumor


Did you know that your brain controls all of the things you do? It's where we think, where we come up with new ideas, and where we feel all of our emotions! But, what is a brain made of? Your brain is made of all different kids of cells. They have big names like neurons, microglia, and astrocytes. Make a brain of play-doh and fill it with all these different kinds of cells!



Age: PreK-4th Grade


Play-doh, pipe cleaners, beads of all shapes and sizes, PDF handout.

  1. Choose your play-doh and create a brain.

  2. Place beads in brain.

  3. Make a myelin sheath with pipe cleaners and beads.

  4. Place myelin in brain.

  5. Clean up beads.  

PDF of instructions here with pictures.

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