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What's going on in the Munson Lab?

Jenny presenting at Tulane University, September 8, 2022. Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Jenny presenting at University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 19, 2022. Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Jenny and Samantha will be at the Society for Neuro-oncology Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL, Nov 18-20.

Jenn Hammell will be presenting at the Lymphatics Gordon Research Conference and Seminar in Italy Oct 29-Nov 4.

Munson Lab @ BMES 2022:

The Munson Lab will have a game at this year's Virginia Tech-Wake Forest Booth. Come try to kill tumor cells as they invade through the brain!

Rotation student Julio Arroyo will present a poster on CAR T cell migration in response to flow.

Meeting Room
Lab Meeting

Thursdays 12:30pm-2:30pm

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