Increasing brain drain to boost memory?

Our recent collaborative research was published today in Nature. We were part of a multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Jonathan Kipnis at the University of Virginia that included Electrical Engineers, Biomedical Engineers, Neuroscientists, and Biologists. You can read about the Munson Lab's contributions (including Kathryn Kingsmore and Chase Cornelison) in this Virginia Tech Press Release. The full article can be found via the citation below: S Da Mesquita, A Louveau, A Vaccari, I Smirnov, RC Cornelison, KM Kingsmore, C Contarino, S Onengut-Gumuscu, E Farber, D Raper, KE Viar, W Baker, N Dabhi, G Oliver, S Rich, JM Munson, CC Overall, ST Acton, J Kipnis, Functional Aspects of meningeal lympha

Fast-take: 3 new papers from the Munson Lab

This summer has been productive with three publications coming out within a month of each other! (And, all open access). First: A perspective on the translatability of our findings in tissue engineered models of glioma to development of new biomaterials-based treatment strategies. Postdoc Chase Cornelison and Jenny Munson discuss how we can use what we know in vitro to develop new therapies in vivo. Check it out here in Frontiers Materials in a special issue edited by Dr. Brendan Harley and Dr. Sara Pedron. Citation:RC Cornelison, JM Munson. Perspective on Translating Biomaterials Into Glioma Therapy: Lessons From in Vitro Models. Frontiers in materials. 2018 May; 5(27). Second: Our new meth

Munson Lab hosts great undergraduate researchers

We've had the pleasure of hosting three outstanding undergraduate students through the great programs at Virginia Tech this summer. Here's a little bit about them and what they're working on (from left to right): Gabryel Conley-Natividad is visiting us from the University of Idaho. Gabe has a background in computational fluid mechanics and at Idaho works to model the flow of cerebral spinal fluid in the spinal cord. He is working on using our microfluidics to analyze glioma cell migration in response to differential flow rates. He is trying his hand at cell culture for the first time! Gabe is supported by the Biomechanics REU program through BEAM. Richard Kline joins us from Northern Virgini

Munson presents at WCB2018

Dr. Munson presented at the World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin, Ireland during an invited keynote presentation in the special session on Brain Biotransport. She presented the work of Kathryn Kingsmore and Chase Cornelison involving the measurements and correlation of interstitial fluid flow in the brain tumor microenvironment. It was a great conference full of great collaborators and great talks! There was also an outstanding event at a SnugBar in Temple Bar hosted by the BEAM department. Can't wait for the next one in Taiwan in 2022!

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