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Munson lab will work with UVA team to make lymph nodes

Leveraging our expertise in fluid flow, tissue engineering, and lymphatics, we will work closely with Principal Investigator Rebecca Pompano, Ph.D. and Co-Investigators John Luckey, M.D., and Tom Braciale, M.D. to create a lymph node on a chip comprised of all human cells. Our role in this NCATS U01 will be to design the stroma and determine the importance of stromal cells and flow in setting up necessary cytokine patterns within microfluidically created tissue engineering lymph nodes. We are excited to embark on this ambitious and important work to create a translationally useful lymph node for the study of immunity. Research associate, Dr. Krishnashis Chatterjee will be spearheading our lab's initiative.

You can read more about this work in this UVA Today story.

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