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Convection increases invasion of glioma in vivo

Our latest publication in Scientific Reports indicates that increasing convective flow in brain tumors via catheters, similar to convection enhanced delivery used in the clinic, will actually trigger tumor cells to invade. Luckily, this invasion can be inhibited through use of the small molecule drug AMD3100 (Plerixaflor) given systemically. This drug inhibits the receptor CXCR4 which we have previously implicated in flow-stimulated invasion (Kingsmore et al. 2016; Munson et al. 2014)

Check out the full paper at the link below and read the story about this work in the VT News.

Cornelison, RC, Brennan, CE, Kingsmore, KM, Munson, JM Convective forces increase CXCR4-mediated glioblastoma cell invasion in GL261 murine model. Scientific Reports 8, Article 17057 (2018).

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